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Taking a reality check on Cloud security


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One of the findings to come out of the Legal Week/Redcentric survey of law firm CIOs was that 72% of respondents cited concerns about security as the biggest single inhibitor to Cloud adoption.

This anxiety about security in the Cloud needs an injection of common sense. I’m not saying that all data in the Cloud is safe just because it’s in the Cloud, but security is a complex issue, and this is precisely why, when considering Cloud and worrying about security in it, ask yourself the following simple question:  Who is more likely to suffer a security breach – your own organisation, where IT has a multitude of business priorities and demands on its time and resources, or a specialist third party whose core business focus is to provide a secure and reliable data services environment?

Coming from that standpoint, the next logical step is to look for a provider that ticks the following key boxes:

  • Has a proven track record in successfully protecting data from breach, damage and loss.
  • Has built a business where data security is in the fabric of everything they do.
  • Owns and runs its own Tier 3 data centres, such as Redcentric’s next generation Reading data centre.
  • Sustains a level of data protection that merits ISO 27001 accreditation and meets the stringent criteria of organisations such as the Ministry of Defence and the NHS.
  • Has a National Operations Centre working round the clock.
  • Invests in security specialists and the latest technologies to counter hacking and sabotage.
  • Operates with comprehensive Service Level Agreements, contracts and guarantees to put your mind completely at east, even in the event of termination.

It’s simple: find the right partner, and there is absolutely no reason to be insecure about security. You have other things to worry about – like focusing on your core business.



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