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Analytics, crowdsourcing and the Internet of Things – what will be big in 2015


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As the year draws to a close it feels timely to look ahead and make some predictions on what’s in store for 2015 for enterprise IT. While 2014 was the year we saw a number of new innovations, 2015 is likely to feature more of the same: a continuing move from analogue to digital; cloud industrialisation; growth of mobile data; and more cloud interoperability. With that said, there will be some new developments and here are my top five predictions for next year:

1. OpenStack deployments will become more common in 2015. While OpenStack has been around for a while, actual deployments were somewhat rarer. However, improving solution capabilities and knowledge by deployment teams, as well as better ROI and an understanding by vendors that independence is key for customers will increase the number of implementations this year.

2. The Internet of Things (IoT) is now visibly reaching the daily lives of ordinary people and will continue to do so in 2015. We will see even more automation and connected appliances in the home and the use of wearables become more evident. The smartphone will continue its dominance as our personal IoT access device, as users turn to it to control and manage home appliances. The popularity of crowdsourcing will also help to deliver a flurry of new device-aware applications – both in the consumer and enterprise market.

3. Analytics will be everywhere in 2015. Partly as a result of the IoT but also because of the improved ability to incorporate it into the smallest devices, we’ll see an increasing amount of analytics that will be used to improve the value of services delivered to the customer.

4. The migration to the Cloud will continue. 2014 marked a change in attitude from the enterprise. CIOs and IT teams now consider Cloud to be good enough to run applications that would previously have been considered too risky. Next year we are also likely to see the edge of the Cloud move closer to the user. For a while last year many providers felt that the Cloud was headed towards greater centralisation. This will be pulled back in 2015 as Cloud providers learn that not every application suits centralisation and the choice delivered by hybrid Cloud is key to delivering solutions that customers can benefit from.

5. Enterprise information security and national security must now be considered hand in hand. Critical national infrastructure will need protecting like never before and this needs to be tied in closer to enterprise security for a united approach. Recent events, including those at Sony and on-going hacktivist threats, will cause many corporates to re-evaluate their information security strategies.

Do you think my predictions are right? Or do you think I’ve made a glaring omission or two? Add your own to the comments section below.

The only thing left now is to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and prosperous new year.



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