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When the Ash meets the Cloud


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So, volcanic disruption threatens to ground flights and scupper our various plans all over again. But, hidden behind the media stories of cancelled holidays and 3-day waits in the airport, the Icelandic ash has a serious effect on the UK’s economy. Meetings are missed, deals could stall and conferences may be cancelled. However, forward thinking businesses have a trick up their sleeve – namely, unified communications.

Unified Communications means that staff should be able to work as efficiently as if they were in the office, even when they are working alone. Need a face-to-face chat? PC video conferencing makes a telephone conversation more personal. Working on a complex proposal with a colleague? Desktop sharing means it’s like they are sat next to you. Need to know if someone is off the phone yet or back from the pub? Presence gives you live information about everyone’s availability. Soon, you will begin to wonder how you coped without it.

Ash cloud? What Ash Cloud?



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