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5 key questions to ask your current/potential network provider


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In most of my meetings with potential customers, it becomes clear that few businesses scrutinise the capabilities of their would-be IT partner in enough detail. This can lead to two things: Firstly, they may not fully appreciate exactly what a provider has to offer, and secondly, they may end up joining forces with a substandard vendor whose shortcomings are not uncovered until it’s too late!

These 5 key questions will help you make the right choice when choosing a network provider:

  • Can they give you access circuit flexibility, enabling superior levels of resilience? Ask them if they can offer high performance multi-gigabyte Fibre Optic, through to Ethernet, Broadband, Wireless (3G) and Leased Lines.
  • Will you have access to the NHS N3 network, Janet or other 3rd party networks?
  • Does their network give you access to a complete suite of value-adding services?
  • Are they in a position to invest in new technologies and solutions, both from a connectivity and financial point of view?
  • Will your files and emails etc. be stored in UK data centres that are embedded within their own secure private Cloud? They may well outsource their storage capabilities, often overseas!



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