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Data centre failures? Don’t accept them


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Data centre problems seem to be in the news a lot lately.  One recent story in The Register described how a power outage at a data centre in Maidenhead knocked out the firewalls and servers for several web hosting firms. The company in question said the problem had been caused by an “uninterruptible power supply failure following a device swap” – cold comfort for their customers left to sort out data and system recovery.

With even the mighty Amazon hitting the headlines for data centre failures, it’s tempting to shrug your shoulders and say ‘These things happen.’ But whatever the cause, here’s the thing: There’s really no excuse.

I know from relentless investment in Redcentric’s own hosting services that it IS absolutely possible to ensure our customers have almost 24/7 access to their data in third-party hosted or virtual environments. This isn’t just big talk – we have hit 100% availability for the last ten years in our Harrogate data centre as a direct result of unswerving investment in our infrastructure.

Our two state-of-the art UK data centres – in Reading and Harrogate – provide highly secure environments with 24-hour A/C power; UPS with emergency generator backup; computer monitored climate control for heating, ventilation and air conditioning; fire detection and suppression and multi-layer security. Our newly commissioned Reading facility is one of only 5% of UK data centres offering next generation technologies, and the core network connects with other major network providers, supplying multiple routes. What’s more, 24/365 “hands and eyes” support comes as standard.

So next time you read about another data centre failure, network breakdown or power outage – and the resulting headache for customers – don’t accept it as “just one of those things”. There’s no excuse.



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