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Data security and the perils of location, location, location.


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Spreading your data around multiple providers could be a recipe for disaster.

According to a report from Information Age’s Cloud Security 2011 conference, businesses will soon be using a Software-as-a Service application from one provider, built on a Platform-as-a-Service offering from another, which in turn is based on Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivered by a third. This in itself is worrying, as it will inevitably lead to blame games being played out amongst suppliers who see themselves as competitors rather than part of the same team. But when that ‘eco-system’ is mirrored in the world of data protection, things could get even more complicated and risky.

As data volumes grow and more services are taken out in the Cloud (such as document management applications), the need to scrutinise your infrastructure providers becomes all the more important. It may seem prudent to share risk amongst numerous technology companies, but businesses must ask themselves “Isn’t it better to reduce or eliminate risk altogether rather than simply spreading it around?”

Imagine having to carry out due diligence across two, three, four or more vendors who potentially have data centres and offices all over Europe. You’d have to assess all their operations and capabilities individually, audit their information security frameworks yourself (if they have any at all) and ensure each separate provider has the credentials they (and you) need both legally and commercially.

Surely it makes more business sense to look for a single UK-based hosting/storage provider that you can visit, audit, communicate with easily AND hold accountable?



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