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Level 3 data centre Goswell Road – more interruptions to the uninterruptible


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I was unsurprised when I discovered last week that the Level 3 Data Centre in Goswell Road had experienced another outage of its Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. At around 9:45am on Friday 15th March 2013, a power failure on the UPS 1 system meant that customers whose cabinets were fed from UPS 1 experienced a power outage. Such news further confirms our move from this facility in December 2011, to our then newly-built Reading data centre, as the right one.

The move was inspired by a lack of confidence. As a company who prides itself on values, integrity and honesty, we found the lack of transparency within their operation to be disconcerting. Maintenance schedules, replacement schedules – the timeframes were unclear and noncommittal, and this problem seems to correspond with data centre size; the bigger you are, the easier it is to escape the difficult questions, and the less you are held accountable.

Moving to our state-of-the-art Reading data centre has given our customers true confidence in their IT systems. We can confidently, and expertly, offer them genuine power resilience. Through efficient energy use and constant monitoring, we ensure that our facilities are optimised for energy use and have a proven track record in resilience; our Harrogate data centre hasn’t suffered a power outage in over 12 years.

Such events serve to highlight the importance of demanding transparency where your data centre provider is concerned, and ensuring you know exactly what service levels you can expect before you commit. Where data is concerned, customers should never settle; after all, your data is your business.



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