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More Level 3 woes


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At the time of writing this blog, on 2nd October 2013, Level 3’s Goswell Road data centre is experiencing a UPS failure that has caused a number of cabinets to fail. It has been estimated that the data centre will be running on generators for at least 5 days – a direct result of the UPS system being out of service.

To experience one UPS failure that takes data centre services offline may be attributed to bad luck. But for the same incident to occur twice in six months? This raises a number of questions. A fact that is both worrying and pleasing for us is that the fault has affected the very data centre area we occupied until 2011. We are often asked about our motivation for building our own facilities when there’s a plethora of pure colocation space available in the market, and the answer is the same every time, and highlighted perfectly here: reliability. It’s a sad fact of life that financial pressure can have a direct result on M&E budgets, and over-ambitious expansion fed on a diet of debt is a recipe for disaster.

Such incidents teach us a valuable lesson: be careful when choosing your data centre services provider. Perform the necessary due diligence. You may find that the showcase data centre is built on borrowed money, is half full, and is draining money quicker than a Vegas slot machine on your wallet! The mature data centre, on the other hand, may be being run by an overly ambitious company and is being starved of funds in a vain attempt to fund the debt incurred.

As for the cause of the outage, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact reason for UPS shutdown without more information. Data centre failures have a number of root causes, such as lack of planning and regular testing, with further examples available here. And if you’re a CIO or other professional considering colocation solutions, you may wish to browse our buyer’s guide for further tips, helping you avoid downtime and disruption of front-end operations.



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