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An antidote to the hot air surrounding data centre hosting


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In potentially baffling customers with marketing spiel and hot air during their Cloud or managed hosting services pitch, many hosts are at the same time confusing matters when they talk about their data centre credentials. To camouflage their shortcomings, they may try and impress you with jargon around their SLAs, MTBFs, PDUs and more*.

What they won’t talk about is literally the burning issue of the day: energy efficiency. In a world where power costs have risen from 10% to around 40% of a data centre’s running costs over the past decade, surely a data centre provider should be telling you all about their plans to keep costs down by introducing more efficiency measures?

Many don’t, because they can’t.

When I talk to customers about free air cooling and cold aisle containment, they’re fascinated. But they’re also worryingly new to the whole concept of next generation power and cooling efficiency in data centres. They’re completely unaware that while in days gone by we used chillers to bring temperature down (a little like opening a fridge door to try and cool a hot kitchen), we can now effectively open a window and suck in free air (after all it’s sufficiently cold here in the UK!) through state-of-the-art, intuitive louvres.

It’s worrying that customers are so ignorant of these things, because I believe they’ll be the norm in the next 12-24 months…and will be a key driver in cost savings through energy efficiency. If businesses commit to services in last generation data centres now, they could be trapped in them beyond that timeframe.

Top 5 things to look out for in your next data centre:

1.      Cold aisle containment pods
2.      Free (or fresh) air cooling
3.      Power efficiency (PUE of <2)
4.      Renewable energy supply
5.      Multiple levels of security such as CCTV, door locking on individual pods

If you find yourself listening to impressive sounding claims from a data centre provider, ask them what they’re doing to save power…and money…on your behalf. Ask them what they have invested in, or plan to invest in over the next year. Better still, ask them for a guided tour of their facilities so you can see for yourself.

*we’ll be happy to explain in simple terms if you need us to!



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