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3 Questions a CEO should be asking about Unified Communications


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There is much hype in the press about Unified Communications, or simply UC, and the vast array of vendor opinions only adds to the confusion. Is it a mobile device that provides e-mail, phone, messaging, and presence? Is it a single in-box that contains all my e-mails, voice-mails, and instant messages? And what role does software like Microsoft’s OCS play?

There are 3 questions that any CEO or IT director needs to ask themselves about UC:

1. Productivity: If UC isn’t hype and delivers even half of what it promises, how can I use these technologies to business advantage and improve staff efficiency?

2. Regulatory: Given that IM and other ways of communicating already exist and are being used in the workplace, how can I control it and monitor it? In fact, does a member of staff using their personal IM to talk to a client violate my industry regulations that require that I log all electronic communication?

3. Cost: How can I financially justify spending money on more new technology? What if I just did nothing? And if I did decide to proceed, what are the options?



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