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How the Internet is upgrading the shopping experience


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The facts speak for themselves. Major companies are seeing a rise in online sales figures, with 2012 offering the steepest growth yet at 17.8%. Domino’s Pizza saw online sales rise 46.3%, meaning online transactions now account for 55.7% of delivered sales.  As well as that, mobile sales rose by 187% to account for a substantial 19.7% of Domino’s total online orders. And it’s not unique in its experience. With the rise of the mobile age, where tablets and smartphones now serve as menus and shopping baskets, more shoppers are choosing to stay at home rather than face the hustle and bustle of the high street.

While the festive slump experienced by Morrisons has been widely reported, with the supermarket chain seeing a drop in like-for-like sales of 2.5%, Ocado has announced an impressive 14% sales increase for the six weeks to January 6 2013.  And the difference between the two? The internet. The online-based store Ocado has seen its sales figures go from strength to strength, while retailers such as Morrisons, who don’t offer an online outlet, have fallen by the wayside. And with Ocado opening a new, £190m distribution centre for its online business, another nail is driven into the coffin that is the ‘physical shopping experience.’

It seems everything can, and must, connect to the internet if it is to stay relevant in this ever-digital landscape we are carving. Phones, cars, security systems and even light bulbs; if you can WiFi, then why not? While brick and mortar sales do still account for a large proportion of total sales, the online market is growing at a much quicker rate. With HMV’s administration and the closure of Jessops, it is time for businesses to re-evaluate their online strategy in order to avoid the same fate.



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