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Ofcom annual plan 2013/14


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Ofcom has today released its plan for 2013/2014, with the report detailing a number of interesting points for internet service providers to take note of. Alongside a decrease in budget, the annual forecast outlines five focus areas, including broadband, mobile and TV, and recounts the organisation’s plans for development in the respective areas.

I blogged back in January about the FCC’s (US) plans to open up an additional 5Mhz of the WiFi spectrum, in  order to improve the service in line with increased usage. As outlined in Ofcom’s annual plan, the UK will now follow suit in order to better accommodate mobile data traffic, which figures suggest rose by 70% in 2012. And continuing on the broadband topic, Ofcom also pledged to improve access to BT’s poles and ducts in rural areas, while simultaneously improving information available for consumers in terms of switching provider; it is hoped that these plans will make the process a lot simpler, and much more user-friendly.

In terms of lines, Ofcom has also pledged to make switching ADSL providers easier, with a particular focus on BT Openreach’s infrastructure. Though the office has not been clear as to how exactly they will improve the process, I’m pleased to see a focus on an issue often encountered by new Redcentric customers.

Ofcom’s plan is interesting, and one that focusses on improving real, existing issues rather than radical shake-ups. If fully-implemented, 2013/2014 should be a great year for internet communications, with the freeing up of WiFi spectrum, and easier switching processes, ensuring a much more hassle-free internet experience for providers and users alike.



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