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'If you can't beat them, join them': What does Blackberry's partnership with Samsung mean for businesses?


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When Blackberry launched its new enterprise security software, Blackberry Enterprise Server 12 (BES12), it was closely followed by an announcement that surprised many. In a strategic partnership tie up, Blackberry will make BES12 available on Samsung smartphones and tablets as an alternative (but in addition) to Samsung’s equivalent, KNOX.

The partnership is key for enterprises since it brings together the best of two, until now, separate worlds. Enterprises will be able to gain from Blackberry’s high level security software on the user friendly Samsung device, with its own advanced security features embedded into it. Users of BES12 will also benefit from a complete separation of business and personal data, as the software allows employees to keep their own data private whilst corporate data is vigilantly protected. This goes a long way to answering one of the key mobile data challenges for companies with BYOD policies in place.

To some, this strategic decision may seem like the beginning of the end for Blackberry. Allowing a competitor to offer your own software could look like a voluntary takeover in which Samsung will eat into Blackberry’s market share. However, I am confident that this means successful future business for both parties. By providing its services on devices other than its own, Blackberry is making its features and functions available to businesses who may not have previously been in contact with them.

As competition prevails, this move by Blackberry has shown them to be unafraid of the smartphone manufacturers and that they are keen to adapt according to business needs. Being the original ‘work phone,’ it is reassuring that Blackberry has returned to its roots in the corporate environment. Despite appearing to have moved more into the consumer market, the benefits Blackberry is providing with BES12’s increased accessibility give businesses an ideal fusion of security and user experience. Combined with Blackberry’s product development roadmap that focuses on IoT, secure network access and BBM meetings – the company is, if anything, starting to show signs that it is ready to capitalise on its strengths within the corporate space.

This partnership can only mean good things for our customers looking to enhance their enterprise mobility management. Dubbed a ‘mixed fleet’ by several media outlets, Blackberry’s strategic move will hopefully help ease the burden when it comes to maintaining data security in businesses.



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