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Converged Infrastructure - What is it and how can it make your life easier?


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In this blog, I wanted to cover a topic that is being discussed in the industry and shed a bit of light for those of you who aren't yet familiar with converged infrastructure (low level intro).

Convergence widely speaking is the consolidation of multiple things into one place to make life easier and to make things more efficient. Take for example the modern day smartphone - a great example of convergence. We now have a flashlight, music player, camera, telephone and mobile internet browser in one device. This has made life simpler for lots of people and added convenience, reduced power consumption and scaled down in size taken up.

In the realm of Corporate IT - Converged Infrastructure refers to the combining of functions such as server, networking, storage, virtualisation and sometimes other services. Putting all of these functions together in one box brings huge benefits for your business, some of which we will quickly cover off here.

Less devices = less power consumption. Converged infrastructure puts everything into one box in the Data Centre - making the case for multiple devices obsolete, and using less power. Less power use gives your organisation a financial saving and helps you meet your green objectives.

One box = one point of contact. Manage everything through one vendor, and stop the potential for finger pointing that can arise when multiple vendors are involved if you ever have an issue.

Quick to scale = save money on staff hours. A converged solution (such as HDS's UCP for example, or VCE and Cisco's UCS) is quick to deploy (minutes) and already designed for simple turnkey operation. It can be scaled up by making one call or accessing a management console, to fit the needs of the business, and can also be scaled down easily when you don't need as much resource.

Less maintenance = £ savings. Having less devices to worry about means that there are less moving parts and a lower maintenance concern.

The key thing to consider when deploying a converged solution is the provider - as the support element is the cherry on the cake. Have one box (with one on standby for resilience), and one supplier - if your supplier gives great support, then you have a winning combination.



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