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Does your shiny high-speed network mean business?


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I recently came across an organisation which had purchased what seemed to them to be a shiny high speed network from a major telecom company. Unfortunately, the company had failed to tell them that they wouldn’t be able to use the network for:

  • SIP trunks that guarantee quality of service (QoS)
  • Secure online data backups
  • Virtual servers
  • Hosted Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS)

Sadly this type of situation where a network vendor whose market is predominantly consumer-based attempts to market business services is not uncommon. In this particular case the only option open to the organisation is to purchase services from other vendors to backfill the telecom company’s lack of genuine business products.

It is clearly to the organisation’s detriment that the products and services now available to it are so so limited, creating significant competitive disadvantage compared with companies that are partnering with properly business-focused providers, such as Redcentric, that are able to offer a full range of enterprise-grade managed network services.

In looking to maximise their investment and get good value for money when taking out major network contracts, businesses really need to look beyond low prices and flashy marketing promises and question what they’re actually getting. They have to ask themselves, what’s the point of a next generation network if it can only support last generation voice products and not much else?



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