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Drop in PC sales shows a change in IT use


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PC sales have dropped by an unprecedented 14% in the first quarter of 2013, figures from research firm IDC suggest. This is the largest drop since IDC began tracking sales in 1994, with just 76.3 million units being shipped in the first three months of the year. This continues the trend seen last year, when PC sales dropped by around 1.2%.

But what has brought about this significant drop? Some are pointing to an underwhelming reception of Windows 8. It was anticipated that the new operating system would provide a boost for the PC market, but instead it appears to have actually slowed it down.

The decline is also a result of the change in user habits, and the way companies are buying IT hardware. The rise in the Bring Your Own Device culture is seeing employees using the same equipment at home and at work, reducing the demand for desktop PCs for every member of staff. Alongside this, the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones is challenging the dominance of the PC in the office. Gartner has predicted sales of tablets and smart phones to reach as many as 200 million units this year.

From a business perspective, providing access to services across a range of different devices can help improve staff productivity, and especially the ability to work on the move. However, to help make the most of these benefits, businesses must have a robust and highly available delivery infrastructure, and more and more organisations are looking to the Cloud as a way of achieving this.



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