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Questions to ask before starting an IT Transformation Project


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Redcentric is regularly asked by customers and prospects how technology can be used to help drive their organisation forward. As part of this we often have conversations with those who have chosen their technology before their actual requirements are truly mapped out. This carries a number of risks. The primary of those is the inability to truly measure success of any project because the goal is not defined at the outset.

Here are our Top 5 questions to be answered before embarking on any IT project:

  • Why is this project critical to supporting your business objectives?
  • What specifically are you trying to accomplish with this project?
  • How do you intend to accomplish this goal?
  • What is the cost commitment?
  • What is our picture of a successful project and how will you measure success?

Only if you can answer these questions with confidence, are you are in a position to proceed.

To get budgetary approval you will probably need to demonstrate an improvement in time, money and/or quality. If you cannot demonstrate an improvement in at least one of these areas, you need to re-evaluate the reasons why you are embarking on this project in the first place.

If you need help quantifying your IT transformation projects, or discussing what others in the industry are doing feel free to visit the services section on our website and contact Redcentric.



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