Byte Size

In the technological landscape, it can be difficult to visualise the magnitude of files we interact with on a daily basis. We hope this visualisation will help you to picture exactly what it is you are dealing with.


bit (b)

1/8 of a byte

A single binary digit. Equal to: 1/8 of a byte.

byte (B)

8 bits

Equal to: A single character such as a letter or a symbol.

kilobyte (KB)

1,024 bytes

Equal to: A very short story.

megabyte (MB)

1024 kilobytes

1,048,576 bytes

Equal to: 873 pages of plain text.


The DNA information in a single sperm contains 37.5 MB worth of data

gigabyte (GB)

1024 megabytes

1,073,741,824 bytes

Equal to: 341 average-sized digital pictures.

terabyte (TB)

1024 gigabytes

1,099,511,627,776 bytes

Equal to: Forty 25GB Blu-ray discs.


The size of the entire internet in 1997


In a single year, a human's eyes convey 9.4 terabytes of visual information to the brain.

petabyte (PB)

1024 terabytes

1,126,999,418,470,400 bytes

Equal to: Over 900 billion pages of plain text.


The human brain's ability to store memories is equivalent to about 2.5 petabytes of data


Is the amount of data produced in a single minute by the particle collider at CERN

exabyte (EB)

1024 petabytes

1,152,921,504,606,850,000 bytes

Equal to: Over 245 million (4.38GB) DVDs.


Size of the internet now (as approximated by Eric Schmidt)


Is the amount of data that has traversed the internet since its creation

zettabyte (ZB)

1024 exabytes

1,180,591,620,717,410,000,000 bytes

Equal to: Over 281 trillion MP3 audio files.

yottabyte (YB)

1024 zettabytes


Equal to: Over 45 trillion Blu-ray discs.


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