Cambridge EFM

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) offers organisations uncontended bandwidth at an affordable price.

EFM bridges the connectivity gap between broadband and leased lines, offering an excellent combination of speed and resilience for the cost.

EFM has two key benefits over broadband: EFM is uncontended, meaning you are not vying for bandwidth with other users at peak times; EFM is also symmetrical, so you don't have a high download speed but low upload speed - it's equal in both directions.

These benefits would traditionally have only been available with a leased line, but for some the cost of a leased line can be prohibitive. EFM does it at a fraction of the cost and is also faster and cheaper to deploy than a leased line.

Up to 30Mb/s upload and download

Cambridge EFM provides the capacity to deliver 30Mb/s symmetrical bandwidth over existing infrastructure and supports Cambridge's requirements for flexible, reliable connectivity.

Although we deliver symmetric service levels up to and including 30Mb/s as standard, the maximum potential bandwidth on EFM technology is 40Mb/s which we will gladly provide should conditions allow; unlike some broadband service providers we don't quote unachievable headline bandwidth figures.

No dig

Unlike fibre and traditional leased lines, with EFM there is no need to dig connections in to your building. Redcentric's EFM technology is based at your local exchange and is accessed from infrastructure which already exists at your premises.