Kaplan Financial provides training for professional and business programmes in the world of finance and accounting. Each year it trains more than 40,000 business and governmental professionals and international students for investment qualifications and professional accountancy and tax exams.

Kaplan Financial is part of Kaplan, Inc., a leading international provider of education services and a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company.

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More productive IT department with everyday headaches removed

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Increased confidence internally with improved performance and reliability


The network that Kaplan previously relied upon was not providing acceptable performance, with slow connection and unreliability the major issues. With no SLAs (Service Level Agreements) in place and more than 25 separate firewalls to manage, it was clear change was needed.

“As the business expanded we found that our network was not delivering the kind of performance we needed. Key business applications were unreliable and connection to the internet was slow.”

“We had more than 25 firewalls to manage with limited resources, no Service Level Agreements and Internet access was not centralised. It put a great deal of stress on the IT Department to keep the network up and running.”

How Redcentric helped

Having worked with Redcentric in a previous job, Hiten Ravaliya, Kaplan’s Telecommunications and Network Manager, knew how much better the service could be.

He approached Redcentric to provide a wide area network (WAN) and managed firewalls, and to host the company’s data for the following reasons:

  • Redcentric could provide a managed network with higher bandwidth and fewer firewalls offering the same level of protection
  • It would be managed 24 hours a day all year round
  • Kaplan would get a much improved service for around the same price they were already paying
  • The services could be centrally managed by Redcentric
Performance and reliability is much better, and with SLAs in place, it gives us a great deal of confidence in the network performance as a whole.

Business benefits

  • SLAs guarantee the level of service Kaplan could expect ensuring peace of mind and confidence in performance
  • The service is flexible to cater for future development and expansion
  • The service is managed centrally in a secure data centre environment
  • Everyday headaches are removed, leading to a more productive IT Department

Operational benefits

  • The service is far more reliable and of a better quality
  • IT support is available centrally 24/7, 365 days a year from Redcentric
  • Operational risks are reduced with change management processes in place
  • Internet access is centralised to one point
  • Data is centralised making it much more manageable
  • Much-improved performance and delivery for no more than Kaplan was paying before
  • Predictable future costs with Redcentric’s transparent pay-as-you-use charging model
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