Any project with Redcentric begins with understanding

Redcentric provides organisations with detailed assessment and consultancy services. Find out more about our assessment areas - and request a free call with a member of our consulting team.


Any engagement is based upon a clear and measured view of your individual requirements.

We will take time to understand your strategy, the risks and benefits of our solution, and a clearly defined technical understanding on what we can achieve together.

Each customer's requirements are different, but our assessment phase may include:

  • Audits. Redcentric will complete an audit of all of your systems that are to be included within the scope of the managed service solution and will capture all relevant information including platform, configuration, function, network connectivity and physical location.
  • Solution definition workshops. Depending on the complexity of the required environment, Redcentric will complete one or more SDWs to gather all the relevant management, operational and process information from your organisation.
  • Technical design. Redcentric will prepare a comprehensive technical blueprint designed to deliver the required operational environment.
  • Operational design. Redcentric will work with you to define all required processes and procedures for the effective management of the service.
  • Project planning. Redcentric will formulate a project plan for efficient implementation and service transition.
  • Detailed implementation costs. Based on the project plan, we will provide you with an accurate statement of the costs associated with the implementation project.