Assessment services: networks

Redcentric provides consultancy, on-site support and managed services for switching, routing and wireless within the local area network and data centre, specialising in network services that provide both resiliency in design and also ensure the performance of applications.

Intro Applications Collaboration Infrastructure Networks Security

TECHNOLOGY BRIEFING Borderless networks Enabling BYOD Metro networks Mobility
  The concept and benefits of Cisco's borderless network and deployment within an organisation The considerations, technology and solutions to enable BYOD within the enterprise The concept, design and benefits of building Metropolitan networks The network components of enabling mobility for workforces within the enterprise
SOLUTION READINESS Network QoS Wireless voice & video Data centre on-boarding  
  Investigate and identify requirements for enabling end to end quality of service within the network Wireless network suitability for performance sensitive applications within the enterprise Identifying high capacity fibre availability within proposed or existing DC environments  
OPTIMISATION Performance health check Network lifecycle planning & audit Optimising the WAN Network discovery
  Ensuring optimal performance of existing local and wide area networks Auditing network hardware and software to identify end of life/support equipment Optimising wide area networks through application performance management and traffic shaping Discover and audit LAN, WAN and wireless networks
RISK & COMPLIANCE HA design review Project rescue    
  Review high availability design of network infrastructure to mitigate risk Project rescue services network deployment turnaround and recovery    

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