Network services for retailers

Network connectivity is increasingly the lifeblood of retail operations. Highly available, resilient and secure, with design integrity and geographic reach is today’s WAN standard: as more and more solutions and services are layered over the top, the greater its business criticality and the heavier the onus on high quality, scalable yet cost-effective provision.

Large disparate retail estates with different site profiles need a broad range of connectivity options to get the optimum performance/price mix. Those options need to be in play nationwide and preferably centrally managed. And the WAN design and build needs to draw on the expertise of those familiar with the retail environment and its functional demands: from email to EPOS, stock management to CRM, guest wireless to retail analytics.

Managed networking can cut this growing challenge down to size, leaving retailers free to focus on the consumer experience and leverage customer intelligence to drive sales, boost loyalty and preserve margin.

Key Benefits for retailers

Business-only ISP

Single supplier

Providing assured accountability, supplier management efficiency and economies of scale


99.99% availability

Delivering the critical resilience and DR capability to ensure critical network services remain accessible


Connectivity options

Offering a broad portfolio of connectivity types to tailor technology choice to site/business needs


PCI compliance

Ensuring all payments are managed securely with effective data protection



Allowing the scaling up and back, turning off and on of site connectivity in line with estate changes



Supporting trends for guest wireless and retail analytics through advanced network design


Cost efficiency

Enabling streamlined, centralised management of disparate network operations



Helping retailers safeguard day-to-day operations and protect confidential personal data

How we helped Barker & stonehouse to get more from their connectivity

When Barker & Stonehouse looked to replace its existing network with one that would provide a high-performance, rapid connection between its various sites, they turned to Redcentric. Initially, we rolled out our managed network across the company’s smaller sites and then, confident in its resilience and performance, they gave us the go-ahead to overhaul the entire network across all stores and warehouses. For less than it was paying BT, the furniture retailer was able to enjoy at least three times the previous network bandwidth.

“We were very impressed with Redcentric’s proposition and its people – they knew their stuff, they weren’t pushy, and they offered us an excellent service at a compelling price. We also got to a point where we were so happy with the network that we decided to look into taking additional managed services.”

Graham Jackson, Barker & Stonehouse

Wi-fi analytics

Generating actionable intelligence on customer trends, behaviours and traffic patterns through analysis of wireless traffic.

  • Offset costs of providing guest wireless using data collected to derive valuable business insight
  • Support omni channel strategies by profiling customer activity online and offline
  • Leverage location services to allow for real-time marketing message delivery
  • Boost customer experience, engagement and loyalty


Broad choice of business-grade connectivity options to suit all performance and budget needs.

  • Business ADSL, ADSL2+, Leased Lines, Ethernet circuits
  • UK-wide reach encompassing 100% of business locations
  • All options come with 24/7 support and clear SLAs
  • Ideal platform for overlay of additional managed services

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