Security solutions for retailers

With the security threat landscape evolving rapidly and attacks becoming ever more pernicious, retailers are increasingly finding themselves in the crosshairs of the cyber criminals.

Online shopping, transactional processing, customer data, sprawling IT estates and the trend for wireless networking are creating a perfect storm: the target that is at once highly valuable and highly vulnerable.

There is no single silver bullet to keeping payments, personal information and applications secure and compliant either on centrally hosted systems or across large and diverse physical retail networks. But with data breaches consistently ranking as consumers' biggest fear, seasonal shopping cycles prompting upwards of one million cyber attacks daily, and victims suffering severe financial and reputational damage, then retailers must be as ruthless, meticulous and clever as the new breed of entrepreneurial criminals in their response to what is fast becoming an existential business threat.

Redcentric advocates a layered security model, meshing together process, policy, people and technology to form the most robust defence possible.

Key benefits for retailers


Retail domain expertise

Sharper identification of risks and remedial strategies


Improved network security

Class-leading firewalls expertly managed 24/7/365


Less, complexity, more control

Free up IT resource to focus on adding value to your customers


Reduced costs

Secure savings through moving to OPEX pricing model


Resiliency options

Choose either a single device or high availability firewall pairs



Patching and updates to protect against the latest vulnerabilities


Service guarantees

High-grade delivery backed by rigorous SLAs


Next-generation firewall options

Including Anti Virus, IDS/IPS and web filtering

With our retail sector experience and our specialist security know-how we can offer end-to-end protection, safeguarding the network and everything and everyone on it, from the core systems through the online sales environment to the remotest connected store. Fundamental to that protection is our well-proven managed firewall service.

No-one can afford to be passive anymore which is why retailers are getting on the front foot and being proactive, entrusting their perimeter to the professionally managed firewall and dialing up the protection. Our experts deploy, configure, monitor and maintain our class-leading firewall products, analysing traffic, assessing threats, updating access controls, optimising health and embedding a veritable ring of steel to defend both company and customer.

security assessment

free application and risk assessment

Some of the largest breaches to date have occurred in the retail sector and with the number of ransomware attacks happening daily increasing 300% on last year now is the time to make sure you are protected. Register for our free application and risk assessment and eliminate those threats on your network.

Ransomware: What Retailers need to know

An informed and in-depth guide to ransomware for retailers. Learn what an attack is, examples how other businesses have been hit, what implications IoT has on cyber attacks and, most importantly, how to protect yourself.
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