Create high performing networks to support an outstanding student experience

Students and tutors are using a greater number of cloud-based software applications and storage. This is increasing demand and affecting network latency. In addition, identifying vulnerabilities has become even more important.

Secure SD-WAN supports universities grappling with the delivery of outstanding student experience while managing the challenges of a large network estate.

How can we help?

We use our extensive experience in designing and managing networks to ensure you can leverage new technologies like SD-WAN to help you to optimise or re-architect your WAN without compromising on security.


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SD-WAN gives us much greater control and visibility of our network so that we can give a better customer experience.

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    Who are Redcentric?

    We’re a managed service provider with over 20 years’ experience in designing networks for some of the most demanding private and public sector customers working within highly regulated industries and requiring the highest levels of security.


    What do we provide?

    We partner with best of breed technology suppliers and then use our expertise to design and manage solutions that meet your needs.


    What does this mean for you?

    We’re a safe pair of hands and a trusted partner who can ensure you can benefit from new technologies with enterprise-grade security with end-to-end SLA’s so you can focus on your priorities.

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    We’ve been very impressed by Redcentric throughout. There was a clear understanding of the demands of the University environment, they listened to what we wanted and where we needed to be, and have designed and delivered a solution – smoothly and efficiently – that enables us to comfortably stay ahead of user expectations.

    What is SD-WAN?

    A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture enabling organisations to securely connect users to applications using any available connectivity option, such as MPLS, broadband and cellular. It uses centralised software, rather than distributed hardware, to route traffic intelligently and manage security more efficiently.

    How is the Redcentric SD-WAN different?

    The Redcentric SD-WAN stands head and shoulders above the competition. We work with a leading security vendor so you can benefit from enterprise-grade security built-in, while leveraging new connectivity options without adding to your attack-surface.


    Higher speed and efficiency throughout your offices

    Higher speed and efficiency across all sites

    Visibility and insight into network traffic

    Visibility and insight into network traffic

    Enhanced performance through flexible, elastic, secure network

    End-to-end enterprise-grade security

    Optimised application performance

    Optimised application performance

    Delays the need for more bandwidth and without compromising security

    Delays the need for more bandwidth without compromising security

    Benefits of SD-WAN

    • One centralised area for managing performance of your WAN
    • Greater visibility and control of traffic to keep things optimised
    • Better utilisation of existing circuits – access to more bandwidth without buying more
    • Centralised security policy management
    • Easier configuration implemented consistently at endpoints
    • Enterprise-grade security built-in with end-to-end encryption
    • Built-in error detection and real-time diagnostic and analytics reports
    • Application-aware, automated, intelligent routing of priority traffic
    • Additional choice of connectivity for global sites
    • Easier integration and management of disparate networks from acquisitions or mergers
    • Easier and quicker configuration changes

    What services do we offer?

    We aim to keep things straightforward. Our managed service includes:

    • Provision of SD-WAN hardware device to customer site
    • Centralised configuration of traffic policy
    • 24/7 monitoring of equipment and link performance
    • A set monthly cost for an end-to-end SLA

    We have created the assets, below, to assist you in understanding if SD-WAN should be part of your future.

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