A proactive approach to maintain the availability of web-facing services in the event of a DDoS attack.

DDoS Mitigation Service Providers

Take action to maintain your presence and operational capability, preserving both reputation and revenues. As distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks become more frequent, the greater the risk of an organisation’s web-facing services being rapidly taken off-line.

Our DDoS mitigation service utilises industry best practices to support your organisation in the event of an attack. It starts to scrub incoming data, stripping out unwanted or hostile traffic and forwarding only legitimate traffic – keeping you safely online and operating to near-normal levels, whether your applications are on-premises or in the cloud.

Investing in DDoS Mitigation Services


Minimal disruption

Get back online faster with a near-normal service and reduce the number of lost trading hours


Competitive advantage

Enhanced protection provides a resilience that others might lack, ensuring you stay trading while others stay offline


Brand reputation

Investing in your availability and coping professionally with cyber threats helps to build trust and confidence among your customers and suppliers


Stronger security posture

Help to avoid being an easy or recurring target in the face of either routine outages or heavy DDoS attacks


Peace of mind

Focus on your own core responsibilities with the assurance that you have a proven remediation response in place

DDoS mitigation capabilities

Our DDoS mitigation solution includes:

  • In-cloud protection
  • On-premise protection
  • Volumetric protection
  • 4.5 TBps of attack ingestion capacity
  • Global threat intelligence

Why Redcentric for DDoS mitigation

We understand the world of IT infrastructure, cloud and connectivity. Through our experience, we have also become experts in security, this ideally positions us to provide the holistic approach required to support our customers during today’s DDoS threats.

We have created a cloud infrastructure that supports you during a DDoS attack, but we also help you to protect your own private cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Our DDoS mitigation service ensures a proactive response if you are targeted, and a professional cyber team to advise and assist.

Speak to a security expert

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