Are UK businesses being coerced into ISDN30 over SIP trunking?

31 January 2012

InTechnology warns against a climate of uncertainty around SIP trunking

Leading Cloud services provider, InTechnology has warned that businesses in the UK are overlooking the benefits of SIP trunking due to network vendors pushing for them to use ISDN30.

Roy Farrow, divisional product director at InTechnology, said: "We know from our customers that an unnecessary climate of uncertainty has been created around SIP trunks in the business community when in reality this technology beats ISDN30 hands down in terms of its capabilities."

The reluctance to sell SIP trunking on the part of some vendors could be because they get a lucrative recurring revenue stream from selling ISDN30. However, in adopting this approach vendors compromise their ability to offer a full range of IP-based services, such as Internet and data, on the same pipe as their voice service.

Despite its advantages and offer of genuine and tangible business benefits, customers will only reap the full rewards of SIP trunking by choosing the right provider. Farrow said: "SIP, for all its cost advantage, flexibility and functionality, is a complex technology and needs to be purchased from an experienced provider, supported by a detailed PBX interoperability plan and a robust Service Level Agreement.

"Many providers will claim they can offer this level of support, but actually once you do your research, the reality is completely different. It's important businesses are aware of all their options rather than being restricted to those forced on them by providers."