Are UK businesses ready to take advantage of big data?

03 July 2012

Re-evaluating storage strategies and exploiting new technologies is the key to businesses being able to derive value from big data claims leading managed IT services provider, InTechnology.

Forrester research estimates that the high cost of data management results in organisations using less than five per cent of the data available to them which means they are not able to take full advantage of the total information available.

As the sheer amount of data created explodes (market research firm IDC has estimated that 1,200 Exabytes* of data will be generated this year alone), InTechnology is warning companies that unless they urgently address their information management processes, they will be crippled by this huge increase in future data levels as well as become uncompetitive.

Stefan Haase, Divisional Product Director, Data Cloud services, InTechnology said: "In order to handle big data, organisations need to evaluate their current storage strategies and consider ways to reduce the amount of data they store."

"New storage technologies should also be considered as they help improve performance and storage utilisation. Certain technologies can improve the performance and reduce the price of data storage in big data environments so organisations should take advantage of these developments."

To effectively manage increasing data volumes, InTechnology recommends:

Reducing data storage requirements using data compression, de-duplication and modern physical storage structures such as multi-tier storage.

Improving input/output performance using solid-state data drives (SSDs). SSDs are especially useful for mixed analytical and enterprise data warehouse workloads that involve large amounts of random data access.

Increasing storage utilisation by using tiered storage data on different types of devices based on how frequently the data needs to be accessed. Frequently used data can be managed on fast devices such as SSDs, and less frequently accessed, cold data can be maintained on slower and larger capacity hard disk drives (HDDs). The use of SSDs and tiered storage can significantly improve both performance and throughput.

* One Exabyte is equivalent to one million Terabytes