Redcentric forecasts Cambridge cloud success

18 October 2012

Redcentric, the UK IT and network services company, has announced Cambridge Cloud - a competitively priced cloud computing service for the city's public organisations and high growth businesses, linked to the expanding and Redcentric-operated Cambridge Metropolitan Network.

By connecting to Cambridge Cloud any Cambridge organisation will be able to reduce its IT, data storage, software and telephony costs and benefit from some of the world's most advanced systems like virtualisation, unified communications and video conferencing.

Redcentric has also announced intention to extend the reach its Cambridge Metropolitan (Metro) Network to new parts of the city and neighbouring towns like Ely. The Metro Network allows many organisations in the city to link their local office networks, connect to the web and now access IT services all at low cost.

The Metro Network is a series of 'rings' of optical fibre cable which were laid underground in 2000 and provide a shared and secure Local Area Network for businesses. It is now also connected to the national broadband network and also linked to Redcentric's secure Cambridge Data Centre, which powers Cambridge Cloud along with its other UK-based data centres. Redcentric's Cloud services include IT infrastructure, data storage and backup, and telephony.

Cambridge is one of very few cities in the UK to benefit from its own dedicated Metropolitan Network which acts like a shared connection to the web for any organisation in the area, providing greater bandwidth at lower cost than traditional methods. It has been delivered and enhanced by Redcentric over the last twelve years and is used by many of the City's organisations and institutions including The Leys School, Cambridge Consultants, Peters Elworthy & Moore and Polatis.

Larry Dutton, head of network development for the Cambridge Metro Network at Redcentric, said, "Most organisations are considering Cloud Computing with Cambridge particularly switched on to its benefits, but there is often a worry about data security and the additional cost of connection can be high. Cambridge Cloud is already integrated with the Metro Network providing both security and ease of connection for our customers."

With Cambridge Cloud and our established network and presence in the city we can help local organisations make the switch to cloud easily and save money, while keeping their data secure and locally managed."

John Stanton, Director of IT Services, Peters Elworthy & Moore, said, "As we continue to expand our business locally, Redcentric's Cambridge Metro Network provides assurance of easy integration and continually high quality connectivity. Through Redcentric, Cambridge has a highly advanced network that organisations like us can patch into and benefit from very easily and we're pleased to see its potential grow through the addition of cloud services."

About Redcentric's Cambridge Metro Network

The Cambridge Metro Network is a dedicated communications platform built for the Cambridge business community and places the city at the forefront of digital technology. Since installation of the network in 2000, Redcentric has laid over 45 kilometres (28 miles) of fibre across Cambridge providing the high bandwidth and quality of connectivity that businesses in the region demand.

The Network comprises a series of fibre rings which run around the city, all routing back to Redcentric's local point of presence.

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