Redcentric extends cloud portfolio to launch Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

23 January 2014

Cloud services provider Redcentric, is today announcing that it is expanding its cloud services portfolio by launching Database-as-a- Service (DBaaS). As IT budgets remain tight and IT departments continue to be asked to do more with less resource, Redcentric has launched this cloud-based managed service to help companies cope with their growing need for data analytics and transactional data processing.

This new fully managed service will enable organisations to have access to Oracle DBaaS, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL DBaaS environments delivered on-demand, 24x7, complementing Redcentric's existing support services and application development on Oracle, MS SQL Server, CA, Datacom and DB2. Redcentric will offer the service on a pay-per-usage basis, which provides predictable costs and is less expensive than traditional database solutions. It also removes the need to purchase new hardware or manage complex licensing models.

Redcentric's DBaaS offering is underpinned by their experienced database managed service division and MPLS network infrastructure. The self-service model enables end-users to rapidly provision, monitor and manage their databases, and offers immediate capacity on demand for multi-tenacy, whilst being able to provide a high degree of security and isolation between databases.

Sonia Rangra, Application Managed Services or Database Services lead at Redcentric said: "Today, we're seeing that organisations are either storing data for compliance purposes or storing it for analysis in an attempt to better understand their customer bases - with a view to making better business decisions. Over time companies are creating multiple copies of databases that are underused and invariably sit idle on servers, costing millions."

"IT needs to match the rate of change of business needs, and be ready and able to deliver database solutions seamlessly while at the same time managing the IT budget. Database growth has become a real management issue and companies just don't have the extra resources required to deal with it."

"Once the preserve of large enterprises, database solutions such as Oracle and SQL Server will now be more easily accessible via the cloud to smaller organisations, offering a solution to database infrastructure management."

This new service offering is the latest addition to Redcentric's cloud-based services which includes infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service and UC as a service.

With over 20 years' experience as database consultants, Redcentric has a database competency centre taking end-to-end responsibility for the service. Partnering with best-in-class organisations such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and VMware, Redcentric provides enterprise-class performance, delivering the components necessary for a secure, flexible and agile cloud environment.

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