Redcentric clarifies the cloud with new translation guide

23 October 2015

Downloadable guide contains over 80 definitions

Multi-tenancy, Software-as-a-Service, elastic computing – with so many specialised terms, it's no wonder so many people and businesses find their journey to the cloud a confusing one. That's why leading IT managed services provider Redcentric has launched its Cloud Translation Guide – a handy reference to some of the common (and not so common) terms used in this exciting evolution of digital services.

Cloud adoption is increasing all the time, with a survey this year finding that 84 per cent of UK companies use at least one cloud service*. The cloud has grown up fast, and with it has come a whole host of new terms to describe the many different ways we're using it – terms that can be mystifying.

But the principle of the cloud is relatively easy to understand: essentially, it just means using the internet or your network connection to deliver computing services. If you use software you didn't install on your PC – using Dropbox or virtual servers, for example – you're using the cloud. If you back up your data online, you're using the cloud. Most of us use it every day, and the more you know about it, the more you can get out of it.

For newcomers to the cloud, the Cloud Translation Guide will help improve your knowledge, brush up on terms and perhaps discover a few new things that could help you and your business. For experienced IT pros, it gives more than 80 simple, easy-to-understand definitions that are sure to come in handy when explaining the ins and outs of cloud computing to mere mortals.

Available for free as a downloadable .PDF, Redcentric's Cloud Translation Guide is here to take the mystery out of scalability, virtual desktop infrastructure, middleware and hosted applications – and make the cloud accessible to everybody.