Redcentric uses G-Cloud as platform to establish leading public sector credentials

10 January 2017

Redcentric has been confirmed as one of the leading suppliers of Platform as a Service (PaaS) to the public sector.

According to the current cumulative published figures for G-Cloud*, Redcentric ranks first out of a total of 42 suppliers for sales revenue in lot 2, Platform as a Service; and together with its main contracting partner InTechnology, it also sits fourth out of 65 suppliers in lot 1, Infrastructure as a Service.

The performance in lot 2 is particularly noteworthy as the majority of growth in Platform as a Service (PaaS) revenues has come since 2015. Sales have accelerated largely on the back of Redcentric’s Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering, which has hit a real sweet spot for a sector in transition.

Peter Nailer, Framework Manager at Redcentric, believes the results are a perfect validation of the company’s approach to the transformational opportunity offered by G-Cloud and the broader shift in in procurement attitudes:

“Right at the outset, this is something that we always wanted to grasp with both hands. We never once sat back and thought the work would roll in, quite the opposite - we actually adopted a fairly conventional sales approach, leaving the catalogue to do its work in the background. We reached out to potential customers through a concerted marketing and business development campaign; we met with buyers, got to understand them and their needs, and used our G-Cloud offerings to deliver on some projects, and took a more bespoke approach on others.

Plus we have always been proactively positive, for example, in reviewing and refining our products at each iteration so that they are as good as can be, and as good a fit for our target audience. And with plenty of experience behind us and a track record of success to point to, we are also now looking outwards more, at how we can collaborate with the public sector to improve the core buying framework, bringing suggestions and insights to the table. Our status today in the highest echelons of Cloud delivery to government is very gratifying – but we are very much focused on what we can achieve together tomorrow.”


*Data correct as of July 2016