InTechnology launches UK's first Unified Comms solution with integrated IP telephony

21 September 2009

InTechnology is today launching the UK's first Unified Communications solution with integrated IP telephony. Until now, voice has been the missing link for all Unified Comms solutions. InTechnology's hosted Microsoft Office Communication Server solution has been integrated with its enterprise class telephony service at the desktop, resulting in a reduction in unwanted email and voice messages of 50 per cent, in addition to cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

This launch will be welcome news to many staff that are overloaded by the sheer number of devices and applications and associated messages and calls. A typical office worker may have a desktop PC or laptop, mobile phone or PDA, office desk phone and instant messaging, all of which are managed separately with multiple contact lists and inboxes. Add to this the constantly increasing quantity of e-mails, phone calls and voice messages to both fixed and mobile devices every day, and you are left with an overworked and frustrated workforce.

Cutting through the spiraling cost of email management

Available on a pay as you go basis, InTechnology's Hosted Unified Communications Service provides businesses with a unique set of integrated hosted voice and communication services including e-mail, instant messaging, presence, shared calendars, shared desktops, video calling, conferencing, and, as a UK first, integrated IP telephony.

Stefan Haase, Marketing Director at InTechnology, explains: "Until now, Unified Communications solutions have had a vital link missing - voice. Our managed Unified Communications solution with integrated IP telephony offers businesses a lifeline."

"High definition online video and conferencing features allows businesses to save costs, time and carbon emissions by offering high enough quality alternative to face-to-face meetings and conferences. It is estimated that regular business travellers spend eleven days a year on avoidable or unnecessary travel, wasting at least £1,700 per person. Our hosted Unified Communications Solution now offers them a viable alternative."

Together with their strategic partner POSTcti - the UK's number one Microsoft Gold Partner for Office Communication Server deployments - InTechnology can now provide businesses with streamlined communication that is not only highly available, but also offers comprehensive security and simplified IT management.

By subscribing to Unified Communications with InTechnology, a business can instantly remove the need to maintain IT services on site, thereby taking advantage of InTechnology's world class data centres.

The key benefits of InTechnology Unified Communications solution

  • Eliminating 50% of useless emails and voice messages
  • Greatly reducing communication latency
  • Speeding up the decision making process
  • One inbox, one contact list
  • Speeding up and simplifying your communications
  • People centric
  • Collaboration

Neil May, Managing Director at POSTcti, comments: "We're very proud to be working with InTechnology, who are currently the only company that can provide a hosted Microsoft Office Communication Server service combined with enterprise IP Telephony."

"The goal of Unified Communications is to reduce the time, cost and frustration associated with unnecessary delays in decision making - to bring together all the tools of communication which we use, thereby allowing users to make decisions on how to communicate with each other based on the presence status of their contacts."