InTechnology look to cloud control

03 February 2009

Data, network and telephony management specialist InTechnology are launching new private workshops for law firms keen to exploit the potential of cloud computing – and InTechnology's £110 million cloud networking infrastructure.

The free two-hour sessions, which can be held on site or at InTechnology's offices, are one part seminar, three parts roundtable discussion. Content will focus on recent developments within cloud computing, how well available services align with operational and business needs, technical considerations, financial savings, risk factors and successful strategies for commissioning and implementation.

Each session will also enable attendees to gain a clearer understanding of the managed services grid concept. With a simple connection to InTechnology's own cloud network, firms can have 'utility-like', pay-as-you-use access to a wide range of fully supported services: managed network, data backup and archiving, virtual servers, server and application hosting, hosted IP telephony and mobile services.

Richard Quine, InTechnology's director of product management, is keen for firms to take away a more rounded view of cloud computing. “It's one of the buzz topics of the moment but there's a big difference between accessing Google Apps via the web and securing a robust, multi-layered, fit-for purpose infrastructure for business. It's important for firms to have a firm grasp of the issues and technicalities, the potential and the pitfalls of what lies beneath a deceptively simple concept.”

As for InTechnology's managed services grid, Richard stresses that it's cloud computing but with a distinctive edge: “By connecting to our own private cloud, firms can overlay services on a pay as you go/grow basis, with all the commercial and technical advantages that brings – and with the critical safeguard that they always maintain control. The client/supplier relationship doesn't just exist in the ether: when they connect to us, we partner with them and provide rather more tangible assets such as 24/7 live support and a large technical, projects and customer service team.”