InTechnology unveil this year's model

06 February 2009

Data, network and telephony management specialist InTechnology has launched a new tiered pricing model for law firms looking for a greater degree of financial flexibility when it comes to data storage.

With volumes growing exponentially year on year and clients increasing their usage of services such as managed data backup, archiving and hosting, InTechnology is keen to respond with more choice as to how these services are taken and paid for.

The three options are:

Up-front per TB charge - including hosting, power, customer maintenance and the purchase of software licenses and a small per GB service charge. Geared to those who prefer to capitalize data backup costs and own the assets and pay only small monthly charges to benefit from a managed service.

Banded pricing - with higher storage demands attracting lower per GB/TB costs; the customer commits to a fixed price for a maximum capacity, making for easier planning and budgeting. Geared to those who want cost stability with room to grow.

Flat price per GB - Geared to those who prefer the simple pay-as-you-go model that adjusts in line with their business requirements.