Reduced costs and carbon emissions with InTechnology's Virtual Server Hosting

10 March 2009

Recognising the business imperative to deliver flexible, secure and highly available IT services against a back-drop of tightening IT budgets, InTechnology plc, a specialist in data management, hosting, network and voice services, has launched Virtual Server Hosting, a new managed service for virtualised servers. A major cost component for server farms is power and cooling; virtual servers are commonly 700-800% more efficient than a traditional server. As a result, companies can reduce both costs and carbon emissions.

When you combine virtual servers with InTechnology's wide range services, you get a high-speed, high-availability, on-demand IT infrastructure where information and applications are available to all staff regardless of their location. Virtual servers can be instantly created or upgraded to accommodate a change in demand, and with high speed Ethernet WAN connections, an organisation can quickly respond to changing business needs.

InTechnology's virtualisation platform, built on VMware's third-generation virtualisation software suite, provides better utilisation of servers through virtual machines and flexible capacity provisioning for customers who have fluctuating demands for computing resources. The service is fully integrated with InTechnology's network, hosting and data storage services to provide customers with scalable, secure and cost-effective managed services upon which to deliver business-critical applications and infrastructure. Virtual servers are ideal for high-availability applications because they are not tied to a single piece of hardware that is subject to failure.

"The current economic climate and tightening of IT budgets, combined with greater focus on data security and the need for faster time to market for new services and products, has put the spotlight on the benefits of virtualisation such as IT consolidation, data protection and on-demand provisioning," explains Stefan Haase, Marketing Director at InTechnology.

Pay as you go/grow

Haase continues: "There is a common misconception that virtual servers are cheap servers because they are not physical. This is not the case; they are not a low-cost alternative to regular servers but in fact offer a premium service."

"Our Virtual Server Hosting solution enables businesses to deliver flexible, scalable and secure IT services. This is particularly suitable in circumstances where demand for infrastructure capacity or computing resources cannot easily be forecasted. We have listened to our customers' requirements for cost-effective, secure services to be delivered from the heart of our network, whilst helping them to reduce their cost base in such a demanding economic period."

The service offers a low-cost set-up, with flexible monthly payments based upon configuration and usage, appealing to customers that want to reduce their capital budgets without sacrificing IT growth or impacting customer experience.

Business continuity

Virtual Server Hosting is also an ideal building block for companies wishing to cater for catastrophic events. Maintaining availability of business-critical applications during a disaster scenario is often the difference between a business standing or falling. InTechnology's combined network, hosting and storage services allow applications and data to continue to operate from a secondary site within minutes of the disaster taking place.

Ideal for both production and testing or development environments, InTechnology's Virtual Server Hosting is managed through a secure online portal, where adding or configuring virtual machines and storage capacity is quick and simple. This is combined with comprehensive service management and reporting to help customers optimise their budgets by anticipating demand and acting accordingly.