Medway Council slashes costs and improves business agility with IP Telephony

22 November 2010

LONDON, 22 November 2010 - Redcentric has published a new case study outlining its work with Medway Council, illustrating how the council has saved money and improved efficiency through the rollout of IP telephony.

With recent public sector budget cuts announced, the emphasis on reducing costs is more important than ever. The case study illustrates how Medway Council has:

  • Reduced the cost of operating individual telephone lines from around £18 to just £6 per month.
  • Reduced maintenance requirements, and allowed for more efficient use of IT technicians' time.
  • Increased business agility, and the ability to respond quickly to business demands.

"In the age of austerity, this case study makes for compelling reading," said Rick Marshall, Managing Director, Redcentric. "We have worked with Medway Council for many years, and their vision has really paid dividends. This case study shows that with right IT choices public sector organisations, and businesses too, can reduce costs and improve efficiency even when budgets are under threat."