Redcentric launches secure WAN for safe communication between multiple sites

22 July 2010

IT and communications provider Redcentric launched its Secure WAN service to provide the safe, free flow of business information between multiple sites.

Secure WAN is a managed network that is built around Redcentric's own core network to provide best-in-class performance and reliability. On top of this Redcentric layers leading security solutions to safeguard the gateway to the WAN, prevent intrusion into the network and protect the endpoints at the different sites.

Secure WAN also includes Redcentric's network monitoring platform Infrared, which gives real-time insight into the performance and status of managed networks.

"Businesses depend on the free flow of information, but they also need to consider their vulnerability to leaks and attacks. Redcentric's Secure WAN teams industry-leading communications performance with end-to-end security. We deliver a complete solution in the form of a cost-effective, managed service, enabling our clients to focus on their core business while we keep their information moving," says product manager Larry Dutton.

Redcentric's core network relies on the latest MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) technology, which enables Redcentric to control network traffic and maintain privacy by building a virtual private network for each client. MPLS also allows Redcentric to offer client-specific features such as Quality of Service and Service Level Agreements to meet each organisation's individual business needs.

Redcentric works with trusted connectivity providers, broadband services and its own civil engineering teams to link client sites securely into this MPLS core. This flexible approach ensures that each site enjoys the best connectivity, delivered by the right provider using the right access technology, such as Ethernet, leased lines or broadband.

Sharing a common MPLS core, or cloud, offers significant cost savings over traditional point-to-point networks. The cloud-based architecture means each site's access circuits only need to reach the core, eliminating the need to run dedicated links between all the sites in the WAN.

Redcentric also offers the option of hosting and colocation within the MPLS cloud. This reduces bandwidth bottlenecks for distributed applications and systems and ensures that critical systems are available when clients need them.

Key benefits of the Redcentric Secure WAN:

  • Leading-edge MPLS technology for absolute privacy
  • Flexible, multiple-provider access
  • Multiple, next-generation access technologies
  • Best-of-breed security services
  • Provider independence for increased resilience
  • Full Quality of Service with no added charges
  • Fully managed WAN
  • Service Level Agreements for performance and availability
  • Support for network migrations, including project management, consultancy and professional services
  • Redcentric's network monitoring solution Infrared