Second generation Virtualisation takes to the InTechnology Cloud

06 October 2010

50% savings on new virtual server commissions

InTechnology has announced the launch of its second-generation Virtual Server Hosting service, providing access to Cloud-based virtual servers geared to the virtualisation of mission-critical, resource intensive applications.

With firms keen to leverage virtualisation beyond the low-hanging fruit of R&D environments and file and print servers but less keen on the high-end in-house systems required to underpin such projects, the option to use virtual servers sat in the InTechnology Cloud is a compelling one. Instead of a further round of capital investment, more pressure on machine rooms and IT teams, and protracted project lifecycles, users simply configure their server and storage selections online.

The new service is underpinned by industry leading technology from VMware and NetApp; highly resilient ESX servers and high performance SAS disk storage offer a virtualized environment suitable for the most intensive and demanding of workloads, including applications and database platforms such as Exchange and SQL Server. To lock down redundancy and continuity, users also have the ability to protect their virtual servers with virtual Disaster Recovery (DR) servers located in a geographically diverse data centre.

The launch is being marked by the offer of 50% savings on new virtual server commissions.

Commissioning is done via the Self-Provisioning Portal, giving users complete freedom to orchestrate every aspect of their hosted virtual server set-up. They can:

  • Change the configuration of existing virtual servers such as performance, storage volumes or type of storage
  • Add more servers in times of peak load and remove servers in times of low load
  • Add more servers to test upgrades or new applications
  • Add more servers to test restores or Disaster Recovery policy
  • Provision servers ready for the unexpected

Commenting on the upgraded service, InTechnology's Stefan Haase, says: "The benefits of virtualisation are well documented, everything from reduced overheads and carbon emissions to improved availability and disaster recovery. So it's understandable that users want to extend those benefits by successfully virtualising Tier I applications. This way we're overcoming the cost and complexity issues associated with on-premise provisioning, where the need for top-end performance and resilience typically outstrips the resources available."

"Instead, users have instant access to the InTechnology Cloud and a wealth of computing power and system redundancy. It's a cost-effective, robust and made-to-measure environment in which to house the next wave of virtualisation projects; and with technical and consulting expertise on tap, users can now focus on the application rather than fret about the infrastructure."