InTechnology announces the launch of Unity Call Recording

15 November 2011

Data, network and telephony management specialist InTechnology has announced the launch of a significant enhancement to its Unity IP Telephony solution. Unity Call Recording, which is delivered from InTechnology's private Cloud, give firms the ability to record, encrypt and store all telephone calls across the enterprise – at a 40% saving when compared with equivalent on-premise systems.

Phil Dyson, product group manager, voice and unified communications, comments: "Call Recording is mandatory for some, increasingly desirable for others, but traditional on-site solutions have proven cumbersome, inflexible and expensive. With Unity, everything exists in the Cloud and is managed for you."

"All of your users and their recordings are centralised into a single web interface, regardless of their location. The system scales easily, requiring no hardware - you simply purchase additional user licences as you need them and you pay only for the storage that you use. Everything can be self-administered, including the option to record all or selected calls and to assign business rules for file handling. While from a user perspective it's as simple as clicking an icon in the Outlook Toolbar, and tagging and bookmarking files for easy search and retrieval."

"This is a new dimension in risk management in a very neat, lean and cost-effective package – add it to existing back-up and archiving systems and you have the ability to seamlessly record, store and retrieve every type of electronic file, including voice, for complete traceability and accountability."

"In a cost comparison with an equivalent on-site system, InTechnology has demonstrated cash savings of some 40% over a three-year period, with the added incentive of no capital outlay required for hardware."

Phil Dyson continues: "At a time when spending is still under scrutiny and affordability is everything, our pay-as-you-use offering makes enterprise-class call recording eminently accessible to all those who need or want a 360° approach to data management."