Protecting every part of your organisation while enabling your end-users to securely access  the systems and data they need.

IT Security Solutions

Our goal is to protect your IT infrastructure, and your organisation. Ensure your end-users have access to the data and applications they need and create an environment where you can grow and innovate with confidence.

We do this by deploying the appropriate IT security solutions across every part of your environment; from on-premises IT to the cloud, across local and wide area networks and through to endpoints. Management is made simple with a single pane of glass to holistically monitor your security; providing the ability to quickly identify, isolate and remediate threats.

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As the cloud has matured, our customers demands and expectations have matched this progression. We needed an infrastructure that could guarantee a return to operation quickly, delivering the additional recovery and security we required. I'm not just sending my customers data off in to a public cloud. I know where it is, I know it's safe.

Network security

The perimeter of your IT infrastructure extends beyond the physical boundaries of your facilities to wherever your network takes you. This includes every location that is connected by your WAN and any private and public cloud applications your users need access to.

Protecting your organisation means providing suitable perimeter and endpoint security; maintaining the integrity and privacy of mission-critical data and applications. Our network security experts will work with you to redefine the borders of your network; identifying each and every access point and ensuring these are protected.

By deploying next-generation firewall technology at all access points to the network, we are able to protect you from malicious attacks and to detect abnormal activity.

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Application security

Ensure a secure data flow through your applications to your user endpoints. Protect your website, email, mobile and business applications, and associated data, that reside on infrastructure that is outside of your direct control.

We help you do this with application-based firewalls that monitor and protect the inputs and outputs to your critical business applications; guarding against vulnerability-based attacks and denial of service attacks.

Our application security team will work with you to assess the risks and potential impact of an attack on your business applications and ensure you have the right protection in place, as part of a holistic cyber-security approach.

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Access management

It’s important to strike a balance between agility and security. Whilst users demand access to data and applications anywhere, anytime and on any device, this needs to be tempered with an approach to access control than minimises any risk to your organisation.

We’re here to help you develop user and device access policies that are tailored to your operational needs. Identity management is used to enforce these policies and ensure only the right people, and the right devices, have access to your systems and data.

We complement this with the provision of DNS level security to protecting your end-users from phishing and malicious attacks, whether working on-network or remotely.

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Security monitoring & analytics

Typically, you’re securing your IT infrastructure at multiple points; including perimeter firewalls, application firewalls, access management and DNS level protection. All of these solutions, as well as your network, collect significant data that can be used to monitor and protect your environment.

We help you to leverage these many data points; analyse and contextualise them and provide you with a single pane of glass to monitor the security of your infrastructure.

Taking a holistic approach to monitoring and analysing security events means any potential issues can be identified faster, and through being able to see the whole picture, quickly establish root cause for effective remediation.

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