Janet connected

Janet is a high-speed network that supports innovation and learning initiatives throughout the UK research and education community by delivering extremely reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity to its 18 million users. Provided by Jisc, it can also give Janet-connected organisations access to other Jisc services at no additional charge.

Redcentric is a JISC-approved Janet-connected Service Provider, providing resilient, geographically diverse interconnections with the core Janet6 Network.

We have a long history of supporting UK research and education institutions with high-speed connectivity. We were the first to deliver SIP over Janet and in 2005 became the first Regional Janet Network-connected Commercial Service Provider. This support was extended in 2006 when we became the first national Janet Network-connected Commercial Service Provider.

Continuously upgrading and extending our services, we offer the education and research institutions the rapid, secure, resilient connectivity they need.


The Janet network is regarded as mission critical to the UK’s knowledge economy, providing as it does, highly reliable and secure connectivity for UK research and education organisations, and enabling national and international communication and collaboration.

The network backbone runs at 100Gbit/s (with an interconnect capacity of around 40Gbit/s), giving the wider education community the high speeds it needs to support its users round the clock.

Janet support reaches out to the widest education community including Government-funded further and higher education organisations, and Research Council led organisations. It also supports any organisations whose main activity is in higher or further education or who is involved in collaboration with the research or education community (in the UK or elsewhere).