N3 Network Services for Public Sector

N3 connects NHS sites and approved NHS suppliers across England and Scotland. With over 40,000 connections, it supports 1.3 million end-users in NHS organisations that range from GP practices to large hospitals with dedicated IT staff. It also has gateways to other networks, most notably the Internet.

N3 supplier

Redcentric and the N3 Network

Redcentric is an accredited N3 service provider with over 15 years’ experience of delivering NHS network services. We currently provide more than 15,000 N3 connections to healthcare businesses including general practitioners, dentists and NHS Application Service Suppliers, such as software providers.

About N3

The N3 network is an Internet Protocol (IP) network which provides the entire NHS with fast, high availability broadband networking services. It provides the improved connectivity that makes it possible to deliver the increased efficiency and effectiveness required by the NHS executive. It facilitates programmes like the NHS Care Records Service, Choose and Book, and the Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions, providing greater bandwidth than that offered by the earlier NHSnet and N2 networks. Essential to the future of a modern NHS, it underpins the applications that support the NHS’s improvement programmes, enabling healthcare institutions to provide better care for patients, delivered in more innovate and cost-effective ways.


  • HSCIC IGSoC-compliant commercial third party (NACS code: 8GY91)
  • First UK provider to achieve Version 14 Level 3 IGSoC accreditation for N3, with 100% compliance across all 4 assurance levels: Information Governance Management, Confidentiality and Data Protection Assurance, Information Security Assurance and Overall Assessment
  • HSCIC-accredited N3 Service Provider (Network Access Agreement Number: 0740), and leading N3 Aggregator
  • HSCIC accredited and compliant data centre hosting facilities, including for Clinical Systems environments (Reference: YGMAP)
  • Authorised to process and store Person Identifiable Data (PID)
  • Host a number of national applications for and on behalf of NHS Digital
  • Provide 14,000 N3 connections to high street pharmacies, GP surgeries and other qualified organisations, with UK Rollout supporting EPS versions 1 & 2
  • Facilitate 10 million transactions per minute over N3 (October 2013)
  • Unique ‘N3 Connect Anywhere’ secure remote access service for mobile workers ~(4,500 connections)