Government Public Services Network (PSN)

The Public Services Network (PSN) is the government’s high-performance network. It is designed to help public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources and these organisation are able to access PSN-compliant services over the PSN.

About PSN

Public Services Network (PSN) is part of the Government Digital Service and is a key part of the Government’s ICT strategy and its policies such as Digital Britain and the ‘shared services’ initiative. Its purpose is to enable public sector organisations to reduce costs while at the same time improving the delivery and accessibility of public services.

Through PSN, public sector organisations can purchase secure network services from approved PSN-compliant suppliers giving them peace of mind that they are meeting data protection requirements and that the services are of an approved standard.

Redcentric Delivering Iaas over PSN

Our IaaS over PSN is just one of the ways we support secure collaboration and data sharing across the entire public sector. With our accredited IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) over PSN you can enjoy all of the fiscal and operational benefits of scalable computing resources with quicker on-boarding timescales, significantly reduced delivery times to departments and organisations, and greater affordability by removing hardware capex.

Redcentric’s IaaS solution provides scalable server resources which you can easily align with your demand and budgets, and which are supported on our secure, accredited infrastructure that is authorised for data marked 'Official-Sensitive'. In addition to allowing you to achieve greater responsiveness to your own organisation’s and the public’s changing needs, this agile resourcing capability helps you meet the Government’s Cloud First digital mandate.