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The defence sector is looking to drive its technology forward, as evidenced for example in its “Defence as a Platform” initiative. However, securing its highly sensitive data is an issue, and its inflexible, expensive cumbersome, legacy infrastructure makes transitioning difficult.

Like other sectors, the defence sector faces challenging requirements to improve the efficiency and speed of service delivery, embrace agility and innovation, and improve interdepartmental connectivity.

At the same time as striving to find new ways to deliver information services to end users while reducing both complexity and costs, it is looking to free up internal resources to invest application development and information innovation. Underpinning all of these aspirations and development strategies are exceptionally stringent security requirements.

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Cloud services to help meet your objectives

Redcentric provides outstanding solutions to enable Defence as a Platform plans for a unified, common architecture. We have a proven record of delivering projects involving data-sensitive applications and a transparent pricing model. And because there is no vendor lock-in, adopting and developing open standards and architectures is very straightforward.


Implement common platforms and facilitate data sharing across defence departments, agencies, authorities and organisations, in order to speed up collaboration and improve services.


Easily consume new capabilities faster and more effectively, consolidating systems and providing the scalable, flexible platform on which to develop new applications.


Store your data highly securely in our Cloud database environment to cost-effectively gain real intelligence from your data, to successfully underpin and inform strategy.

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