IT Services & Cloud Computing for Local Government

Local government departments hold a wealth of data and, with spending cuts making every penny count, maximising the data’s value is critical. But difficulties in securely storing and sharing it across departments and a lack of common platforms make achieving this goal cumbersome and time-consuming.

Local government departments are constantly looking to ensure they spend valuable public funds to maximum effect and that they provide accessible, user-friendly IT solutions that will improve resident services and effectively support employees.

In addition to helping local government meet the Cabinet Office’s Cloud First directive, the effective use of technology will enable real value to be driven from stored data. Similarly, integrating legacy IT systems will transform them into effective tools that will enable local government organisations to reduce IT costs, manage data efficiently, and increase collaboration and productivity.

UK data sovereignty

UK sovereignty provided

Cyber Essentials Certified

Cyber Essentials Certified

PSN accredited

PSN Network Certified

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certified

Official-Sensitive data

Authorised for 'Official-Sensitive' data

G-Cloud supplier

G-Cloud approved supplier

Cloud services to help meet your objectives

Redcentric has unrivalled expertise in tailoring solutions to match the specific requirements of different local government departments for highly secure infrastructure, platform and collaborative services. Our agility, flexibility and knowledge are backed by PSN, N3 and HSCN accreditation and our SLAs ensure 99.99% core platform availability.


Rapidly develop innovative applications to deliver new services to citizens, and significantly reduce IT costs through cloud-based hosting of your infrastructure that comes with 99.99% uptime SLAs and is available over PSN.


Save substantial costs and provide truly joined up productivity-enhancing communication across multiple departments with free calls between connected sites.


Improve local resident services by implementing common platforms that connect multiple departments, agencies, authorities and organisations and streamline secure data sharing for quicker, greater business intelligence and insight.


Radically speed up communication, improve information exchange and accessibility, and enhance productivity by optimising your infrastructure and using a single network for voice and data communications.


Minimise energy costs and give your users rapid virtual desktop delivery while securing the whole desktop estate with policy-driven access and deploying simultaneous management changes.


Meet stringent regulations for protecting sensitive data with our cost-efficient, secure data storage, and drive further cost reductions by setting policies for backup, storage or replication of data.

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