Managed Wireless

A managed Wireless LAN service gives organisations across the entire public sector a high performance, secure, and continuously monitored environment that meets the demands of today’s workforce for mobile working, while also addressing the need to enable secure guest connectivity.


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Everybody working for, or in, public sector organisations today expects to be able to work on their device of choice, and more and more often that device is their own. While increasing mobility, BYOD, and the ready accessibility of data and systems provide great opportunities for innovation and increased productivity, they also bring significant security vulnerabilities. As in any other environment, IT departments in public sector organisations can struggle to retain control of the network and prevent unauthorised access while being simultaneously tasked to provide round-the-clock availability, and to save costs and drive efficiencies.

A Managed Wireless LAN can remove the vulnerability of uncontrolled access, enforcing strict security rules that ensure compliance with stringent regulations while supporting the flexibility employees and visitors need. So clinicians can improve patient care, students and teachers can use internet-based resources, emergency services can react rapidly and so on – all in a secure, cost-effective way that aligns with the Government’s Cloud First directive and removes from the IT department the pain, time and cost of network management.

What Managed Wireless can help you achieve


Increased network control

Implement tight wireless connection rules for employees and guests


Protect against unauthorised access

Through WPA/WPA2 Pre Shared Keys, WPA2-enterprise, and external authentication platforms


Easily deployed and maintained

Reduce costs as indoor & outdoor mesh capabilities allow cableless installation


Maximized performance and security

Optimise design, monitoring and analysis of network, devices and applications


Informed strategic planning

Take an agile, cost-predictable approach to network expansion


Reduced overhead

Remove capex & in-house specialist costs with an opex Cloud First aligned model

WiFi Analytics

A Managed Wireless LAN can also be further leveraged by overlaying a wifi analytics solution. Data can be seamlessly and securely captured to inform a wide range of actionable insights, including behavioural patterns, bespoke information delivery, movement, footprint and dwell analysis, and the tagging and tracking of physical assets, for example hospital equipment.

NHS WIFI Deployment increases patient care

NHS WIFI brochure

Focused on improving communications and experience today's healthcare organisations are turning to Wi-Fi solutions to drive digital transformation within their environments. From enhancing the patient journey within a GP surgery or during a hospital visit to increasing the mobility, productivity and flexibility of clinical staff, our brochure looks at the benefits and getting the most from your NHS Wi-Fi deployment.

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“Our wireless project is planned to transform both the patient and staff experience in terms of fast, secure, ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to information and applications, while the WiFi analytics capability will deliver rich new insights into behaviour and facilitating more targeted messaging. We aim to benefit from a very dynamic environment, with high quality, robust technology and an IT partner who understands both short-term need and long-term vision helping us shift the needle significantly in modern-day healthcare provision.”

Ciaron Hoye, Head of Digital, Birmingham Cross City CCG

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