Secure Remote Access for Public Sector

A Secure Remote Access service offers organisations across the public sector a robust, flexible and secure way to give remote workers access to the information and applications they need to work productively wherever they are.


Accredited to process data marked 'Official-Sensitive'


UK data sovereignty guaranteed


ISO27001, ISO9001 & ISO22301 accredited


Secure ‘walled garden’ option


Platform optimised for OFFICIAL and 14 CESG Cloud Security


PSN, N3 and Janet connected

How do remote workers access secure data when only an insecure network is available? The answer lies in Secure Remote Access which offers a simple way for public sector organisations, such as healthcare, police and defence, to provide connectivity to applications that require a higher level of assurance for sensitive data, without having to invest in expensive new network solutions.

Secure Remote Access solutions fully support workforce mobility and enhanced productivity, ensuring sensitive data is safe even when a secure network connection isn’t available. Secure Remote Access also enables the sector to align with the Government’s Cloud First directive by reducing the internal costs of implementing in-house solutions and avoiding the cost and complexity of buying, managing and maintaining CESG-approved VPN hardware. The best solutions, like Redcentric’s, come with a comprehensive assurance wrap process with Cloud Architects and extensive validation by recognised UK public sector authorities that ensure their suitability for especially sensitive workloads.

What Secure Remote Access can help you achieve


Simple, secure, 24/7 remote working

Enable your staff to securely access key resources via any internet connection


Cost reduction

Avoid having to purchase and manage Cabinet Office approved VPN hardware


Easy scalability and management

Flex rapidly to embrace changing needs, managing applications from a range of devices


High security features

Secure particularly sensitive data whatever public sector organisation you’re in


Cross-platform compatibility

Use your preferred end-user platforms, eg Android, Apple, Linux, Microsoft Windows


Walled garden option

Allow or block access to data by controlling access to web content and services

Public sector empowered by secure mobile technology

secure mobile technology

Mobile technology is empowering employees across the public sector, supporting them in their daily work and helping them to respond rapidly to new situations – from healthcare workers being able to input and access patient care information, to police completing report data electronically in situ. Not only does this help improve lives for the country’s citizens, it also drives the improved efficiencies required by relentless budget cuts.Redcentric’s Secure Remote Access ensures that the opportunities opened up by mobile technologies can be fully maximised in the public sector by providing highly secure connectivity.

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