Managed Firewall Services for Public Sector

Managed firewall services are the first line of defence against malicious attacks. They monitor network traffic, help secure against intrusion and unauthorised access and respond to the rapidly changing nature of the threat landscape.


Accredited to process data marked 'Official-Sensitive'


UK data sovereignty guaranteed


ISO27001, ISO9001 & ISO22301 accredited


PSN, N3 and Janet connected


Platform optimised for OFFICIAL and 14 CESG Cloud Security


Meets Cabinet Office standards for sensitive workloads

Targeted hacktivist attacks, widespread viruses and deliberate or accidental internal threats are all continuing to relentlessly grow in number, complexity and speed, putting the data and systems in government and front-line public service organisations at great risk of being compromised. They also place a huge burden on IT departments tasked with complying with tough regulations - and the pressure is set to increase further when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018.

Managed firewalls enable public sector organisations to protect their networks from intrusion, data loss and impaired system integrity. They can securely enable applications to be made available to the community and industries via the internet, and in Redcentric’s case, ensure compliance with PSN, N3 and Janet networks as well as PCI DSS. They also help alignment with Cloud First directives, moving the cost to an opex model, reducing the management complexity, and freeing up IT departments to focus on value-added projects.



Enhanced security options

Choose single or paired firewall devices with anti virus, IDS/IPS and web filters


Balance risk against accessibility

Maintain data security while creating and supporting citizen-facing services


Security compliance

Meet Cabinet Office standards using standardised system architectures


Industry-leading SLA-backed service

Ensure constant protection with our 24/7/365 managed firewall services monitoring


Cloud First cost-effectiveness

Reduce maintenance, infrastructure and compliance costs


Ease of implementation & management

Increase control via a real-time view of traffic and threats, now and in the future

Can you afford a data breach?

Breaches of security can affect any organisation at any time. In the first quarter of 2016, the ICO received reports of 545 such cases. They can cause downtime, loss of public trust and – perhaps the most damaging of all for public sector organisations trying to keep costs down – hefty fines.

Redcentric’s Managed Firewall can prevent your network from being breached by intruders and from the costly results. By applying complex rules to network traffic, we prevent unauthorised network access, identifying potential threats and blocking anything suspicious. By putting your security in the hands of experts you’ll protect your organisation’s sensitive data, avoid regulatory fines and retain public trust.

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