Data Management for Public Sector

All data is not the same - but treating critical, operational and legacy data in the same way could waste thousands of pounds. Data management will ensure you don't pay for continuous data replication when only regular backups are required, and archive files won't be kept on medium/high cost storage.


Compliant with Cabinet Office standards


Authorised to store data marked 'Official-Sensitive'


ISO27001 & PCI accredited


Redcentric-owned UK data centres

While all organisations are grappling with problems of dealing with big data effectively, the public sector is faced by the dual challenges of owning a massive amount of personal and other data and by particularly long data retention periods. So it is imperative for it to ensure cost-effective, secure data storage.

Cloud-based managed storage & backup services go a long way to providing effective data management. With the added bonus of helping public sector organisations meet the Government’s Cloud First strategy, the availability of these services via the G-Cloud framework enables quicker, assured procurement. And with high-quality data management, such as Redcentric’s, public sector organisations can be fully confident that they are satisfying the Government’s strict privacy, security, and data retention regulations, while meeting the immediate challenges of balancing cost versus risk for active data, and formulating a long-term strategy for inactive data retention and deletion.

What data management can help you achieve


Meets data retention policies

Benefit from our expertise in ensuring data meets strict retention regulations


ISO27001 & PCI compliant

Efficiently store and regularly backup, confident in your security compliance


Cost-efficient data tiering

Automatically manage you critical, operational and legacy data by its worth


Low backup window

Reduce the amount of interference on your normal operations with low backup window timings


Encrypted from source to industry standards

Know that whatever happens, your data cannot be used by unauthorised people


Data sovereignty guaranteed

Have peace of mind that your data is securely stored in our own UK data centres

Location of data is the biggest of the service related concerns facing UK public bodies adopting Cloud

data sovereignty

Our four UK data centres (London, Reading, Harrogate and Cambridge) provide highly secure and reliable, government accredited computing environments. Utilising best-of-breed technology and with all of the UK compliance and accreditations in place, our data centres provide public sector organisations with peace of mind and assurance in their data hosting solutions.

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